The Evolution of Art

Become the co-owner of the second Pop Art Wonder called "The Evolution of Art". This painting is a tribute to the 16 most iconic artworks in history. 

You have until November 14th at 12pm EST to mint NFTs of the painting. Each minted NFT represents a fraction of the 79x79 inches painting and will make you the co-owner of the physical piece. 

The Evolution of Art

Who is eligible for the mint?

You can mint 1 NFT for each Pop Art Cat (PAC) AND Pop Art Wonder (PAW) that you will own at the time of the snapshot. For example, if you own 2 PACs and 3 PAWs, you will be able to mint 2 NFTs. If you own 7 PACs and 4 PAWs, you will be able to mint 4 NFTs. Your PACs and PAWs have to be in the same wallet. 

When is the snapshot?

The snapshot will be taken on November 4th at 12pm EST. The mint will start immediately after. 

How much is the mint?

The mint is free + gas fees. You should expect to pay around $5 USD (in Ethereum) in gas fees for each NFT that you will mint. 

How many tokens of the NFT are mintable?

Since there are 10,000 PACs, but only 1,462 PAWs, only 1,462 NFTs can be minted in total. 

Where is the mint happening?

A "Mint Now" button will appear on the homepage of

When is the mint?

The mint will open on November 4th, 2023, at around 12:30pm EST and will close on November 14th, 2023 at 12pm EST. 

Where will my minted NFTs appear?

They will appear in your wallet. The NFTs will be part of the Pop Art Wonders collection that can be found on OpenSea

What will happen with the real physical painting?

Our team will keep the physical painting for exhibitions and marketing. 

What will the NFTs look like?

Each NFT will be the same and will feature an image of the "The Evolution of Art" painting. 

Do I receive the derivatives rights of the NFT?

You are free to use the specific NFT image that you own for commercial purposes up to $50,000 per year. Above that we ask to enter into a more formal licensing agreement. Check the terms of license for more info. 

Does owning the NFT give me access to the high-resolution images?

Yes. You will be able to download the high-quality image of the NFT through our Discord channel

Can I only mint a few NFTs instead of the maximum I'm eligible for?

You can only mint the maximum NFTs you are eligible for using our minting platform. If you really want to mint less, you can open a ticket on Discord using the channel called "help-ticket". 

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