About Matt Chessco

Toronto-born, Montreal-raised, Matt Chessco is a former industrial designer and mechanical engineer who left his full-time job in January 2020 to pursue his dream of becoming an artist.
In about four years, he has acquired over 2.7M subscribers on YouTube, and 2.7M followers on TikTo while his videos have received over 2 billion views across all platforms. His art has reached the homes of many celebrities like Post Malone, Bella Poarch, Corn Kid and Gary Vee. Matt's biggest achievements to date are creating the world's largest cat painting and becoming the first established artist to collaborate with a robot. 
Matt's life goal is to inspire as many people as possible to go after their dreams. 
Matt currently lives in Los Angeles and Montreal. 

Matt's previous clients:

Matt's previous exhibitions:

May 15th, 2024 to May 16th, 2024 - Association pulmonaire du Quebec, Montreal
Oct 16th, 2023 to Jan 5th, 2024 - Withrow Common Gallery, Toronto
Nov 30th, 2021 to Dec 6th, 2021 - Art Basel Miami Beach

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