Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell NFTs?

Yes! I'm the creator of a project called Pop Art Cats. You can find more about it at

Can I pay using cryptocurrencies?

Yes! You can buy my original paintings using USDC. Other products can not be purchased using cryptocurrencies. 

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes. I'm from Canada, but I can ship anywhere in the world. Pocket T-Shirts (Poches & Fils) only ship to North America. 

How long will it take before I receive my order?

You order will be shipped about 6-15 days after your order has been placed unless otherwise specified. If you wish to receive it faster, please send me an email at and we'll make it happen :)

What is the currency?

You can select your desired currency at the bottom of the website. 

What is an art print?

An art print is a printed photo of the real painting. It's printed on a high-quality paper and signed by the artist. 

Do you do custom paintings (commissions)? If yes, what's the price?

Yes I do commissions. The price varies a lot on the complexity of what you want. Please contact me for more information at Or send me a message on Instagram.

Why is my discount code not working?

Some discount codes only apply to specific products or collections. Discount codes don't apply to original paintings. Pocket t-shirts are made by an external company, so discount codes don't apply to them either. 

Where are you from?

I'm from Canada. I was born in Toronto and I moved to Montreal when I was 3. In the summer of 2019, I moved to Vancouver for a year before coming back to Montreal. I now live in Montreal and Los Angeles. 

Did you study art?

Nope. I studied mechanical engineering at university and I also have a certificate in industrial design.